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Tuff Tagg - Strong Plastic Tags for Labelling & Quality Management

tuff tagg

Manas Injection Moulding created the Tuff Tagg to serve a variety of industries for manufacturing or quality traffic light systems. These strong, durable and reusable plastic Tuff Taggs are produced in green, amber and red for traffic light quality systems. They are made in the UK, from high quality, food safe materials and feature security tags or reusable cable ties for a variety of uses and industries.

tuff tagg uses

Various colours are available including; red, amber and green plus hi-vis colours such as orange, pink, green and yellow. We can manufacture the Tuff Taggs in other colours to suit your branding, and they can be customised with your company logo or text (minimum order + additional charges apply). Contact us to find out how Tuff Taggs could benefit your company.

tuff tagg uses

Tuff Taggs are perfect for breweries, to label beer kegs or barrels. For more information on our high quality beer barrel tags, visit our Tuff Tagg Brewery page.

Tuff Taggs are tough, as they are made from high quality polypropelene for optimum quality and durability. Watch our video below to see how tough these tags really are...

If you would like more information you can email us or call us on 01626 354222.

Tuff Tagg - Strong Plastic Tag Uses

  • Food labelling - e.g Cheese
  • Food box / shelf labelling
  • Carver box / tote box labelling
  • Garden centre / labelling plants
  • Suitcase / Baggage tags
  • Pallet ID
  • Repair information tag
  • Electrical safety tags
  • Manufacturing tooling ID
  • Camban systems
  • Animal ID
  • Garage car key tags
  • Fish boxes
  • Plumbing pipe ID tags
  • Installation ID tags
  • Laundry sacks / linen bins
  • PAT testing
  • Postal sacks
  • Testing process tag
  • Workplace safety tag
  • Warehouse product ID
  • Beer barrel / keg ID
  • Abattoir use